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Your team delivers

Let us handle your customer queue so your team can focus on faster, smoother curbside deliveries.

A better experience for all

Let your team focus on delivering orders, not answering phone calls. We collect your customers details so you don't have to.

The power of automation

Stop spending time answering phones and taking down customer details. Your team can deliver orders as customers arrive in your queue.

  • First come, first delivered

    We list the orders as they come in, so your team know's exactly which customer comes next.

  • Get notified

    We don't expect someone to always be staring at the queue, waiting for an order to arrive. You pick how you get notified when a customer arrives. Phone? Email? Text? You choose.

  • Quick Replies

    Configure your quick replies so your staff can communicate with the customer. “Someone should be out in 5-10 minutes!”

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Let your team stay focused

By letting us handle your customer queue your team can process more orders in the same amount of time.

  • Each location gets a phone number

    Every location you set up gets assigned a new phone number. This is the number your customers text on arrival.

  • Set your questions

    Configure custom question sets at each location. You tell us what to send and in what order.

  • Let us handle the rest

    Our platform automatically asks your questions, collects the answers, and populates your queue.

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